Welcome to QSP, Inc. Resident Web Access


1. To set up your access you will need the account number (Acc #) from the top right hand corner of your billing statement and the full social security number (SSN) of the primary account holder. If you have not yet received a statement or do not have one handy, you can get the account number from your resident manager or the main management office.

2. Fill in Username with the last name of the primary account holder and Password with the last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number.

3. Click on Create New Account in the lower right corner of the page. DO NOT CLICK ON LOGIN. Clicking on Login instead of Create New Account will produce an error.

4. You will be asked to verify your identity with your Account Number and SSN. Enter these values. The Social Security number must be entered, all 9 digits. in xxx-xx-xxxx format.

5. Follow the prompts to set up your own Username and Password.

6. On subsequent visits you will be asked for your Username and Password that you entered in step 5 above. You will enter these, then click LOGIN, to gain access to your account history.