Rules for using online payment feature.
1. If paying using your bank account the payment must be scheduled at least one full banking day before payment is considered late ( the 5th of the month). Weekends and holidays are NOT considered banking days. Example: If the 5th is on a Saturday the payment must be scheduled by the 3rd. The 4th is the one full banking day needed.
2. If you are paying by credit card payment needs to be scheduled at least 3 full banking days before the 5th. Also there ARE ADDITIONAL CC PROCESSING Fees when paying by credit card. To avoid these fees you will need to pay using a checking or savings account.
3. If you are unable to make an online payment it usually means you missed the cutoff time/date as we turn off online payment features once it is too late to make the payment.
4. Best practice is to schedule the payment on, or before, the 1st of the month. Then it is sure to reach us in time.